ENG -International Western Web Horse Show October 2020




  • An easy way to show your horse, in despite of season and restrictions
  • An easy way to show your horse from home
  • An easy way to try a new horse
  • An easy way to be judged from top Judges, with personal note on your performance
  • A good educational program to prepare yourself or with your instructor
  • A show that you can try again and again, and you will publish the best one
  • For instructors an excellent track of work … ultimately an inexpensive way to participate in competitions …zeroing costs .. with prizes too!


  • Signing up International Western Horse Show 20,00€
  • Entry fee for each class 10,00€


  • Sign up with the form, to the show and to the classes, pay with pay-pal online, you’ll receive the receipt of the payment (please let us know if you have an international IOC riding or similar authorization, or we’ll need to charge you the 22%VAT), as we receive it, we’ll send you the number that you need to print and use, to show your horse as in real show.
  • Read carefully the patterns, and start to play… try and try … do your best
  • Follow the directions of measures and the setting of the patterns you chose (obstacles marker and againdistances)
  • Set your cameraman on a high stoll (follow the class instructions), remember him the horse and you need tobe in the center of the frame and have also inside the obstacle you are passing or the marker. If you use phone to record, the shooting requires the phone or video camera horizontally (no vertical !!) the video you will publish cannot be assembled must be consecutive, no editing!!
  • If the organization deems the shooting unsuitable, you will be notified, and you can post another one
  • You’ll name the file MP4 or MOV only: 2020_01_namefamilyname_your class_discipline example:2020_01_GiadaRossi_youth_showmanship again the file need to be MP4 o MOV … do not complicate our life!!! Send those extensions (typical of mobile phones)
  • Send the video by WHATSAPP o email (number under), we’ll add it to Youtube page and you’ll have theopportunity to see also your friends contestant run. At the end of the period the chance to add a video is off,the SHOW is over and the Judges will have a week to set up the final placing and the notes to each runs.
  • Video sending: WhatsApp +39 3316332929 email info@versatilityranch.com
  • Award ceremony: always on YOUTUBE and on a special FB page the rankings will be written, and the prizeswill be given
  • In the meantime a new competition will start!!


  • We will delivery prizes to the first 3 classified in addition to posting on FB and other social 
  • free registration for the next competition
  • sponsors’ prizes
  • objects
  •  rosettes or medals

second contest # 001 registrations and entries until October 25, 2020 h 24, judgment by November 04, 2020

payment to  info@versatilityranch.com

Bank IBAN IT 78 L 03111 50140 000000096029




1.Fill in the participation form and send it on WhatsApp +39 3316332929 or info@versatilityranch.com

2.Send the payment via Paypal to info@versatilityranch.com, dress up and dress the number we’ll send you

3.Study the PATTERNS, try them several times, chose the best one and send it to the WhatsApp number (position the obstacles and the camera as indicated in the PATTERNS, record in horizontal format, the video must not have interruptions and cuts) rename the video “2020_01_your name_la category_la class”

4.We will upload the video to our YouTube and Facebook channel. And here the judges will begin their work.

5.Follow the rankings, reward the top 3

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